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Discover a Festival of Flavors at La Bamba

Welcome to La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, your gateway to an authentic Mexican culinary journey nestled in the heart of Long Beach Island, NJ. With two distinct locations – one in the picturesque setting of Brant Beach and the other in the lively surroundings of Beach Haven – we bring a rich palette of flavors through our diversified menus curated to offer you a gastronomic experience like no other.

Our legacy of serving a rich tapestry of flavors grounded in Mexican tradition for over a decade, makes us the go-to destination for food enthusiasts and families alike. Here, every dish tells a story, a testimony to the vibrant culture and cherished recipes handed down through generations.

At both our establishments, we invite you to explore two uniquely crafted menus that echo the diverse culinary landscape of Mexico:

Brant Beach Location

A locale where tradition meets authenticity. Immerse yourself in a menu crafted with precision and boundless love. A place where classic Mexican dishes come to life with a modern touch, bringing a burst of flavors in dishes that are both comforting and surprising. From sizzling fajitas to hearty enchiladas, every meal is a festival of textures and flavors that promises a delightful experience.

Beach Haven — La Bamba Express

Tailored for those on the go, the La Bamba Express in Beach Haven serves a carefully selected range of Mexican street food favorites, inviting you to indulge in quick yet delicious bites. Be it the trending Birria tacos or the evergreen burritos, our compact menu is designed to offer a fulfilling meal without the wait. Savor the joy of fast and fresh meals, with the guarantee of La Bamba’s authenticity.

Dive into the culinary depth of Mexico, with menus that are as diverse and vibrant as its rich heritage. Whether you are a fan of time-honored classics or looking to explore trendy favorites, La Bamba offers a delightful culinary escapade that brings Mexico closer to Long Beach Island.