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La Bamba's Mexican Restaurant - Beach Haven Location

In the vibrant heart of Long Beach Island, nestled in Brant Beach, the La Bamba Mexican Restaurant stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of authentic Mexican culinary traditions, passionately upheld by the Madrid family. It all started eight years ago when Valentin Madrid opened the doors of La Bamba, giving the locals and visitors of Brant Beach a taste of Mexico’s genuine gastronomic wonders right in their neighborhood.

With dedication to authenticity and a heartfelt desire to give back to the community that embraced them, the Madrid family ensured that La Bamba became more than just a restaurant. It became a gathering place where every dish tells a story and every meal is a celebration of Mexican culture.

The culinary journey led by the Madrid family, renowned for its unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality, is set to take a new, exciting turn. As Valentin Madrid shares the helm with his son, Oliver Madrid, La Bamba is ready to welcome a fresh breeze of innovation without relinquishing the root values that made it a favored choice in the LBI region.

Coming soon, the cherished flavors of La Bamba are extending to a new locale, as we introduce “La Bamba Express” at the former site of Carmen’s Restaurant on 122 North Bay Ave., in Beach Haven. The Express edition, managed by Oliver Madrid, embodies the spirit of swift yet delightful service, promising a quicker avenue to enjoy La Bamba’s iconic dishes. While eliminating the traditional table service to adapt to the hustle and bustle of Beach Haven, especially during the buzzing summer season, La Bamba Express is conceptualized to cater to the food enthusiasts on the go, offering a select range of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more.

One of the star attractions to look forward to is the birria taco, a trendy delight embracing the deep flavors of chili pepper-based goat meat adobo, aromatic spices like cumin, garlic, and herbs such as bay leaves and thyme – a perfect amalgamation of tradition and taste that has won hearts globally.

In this new chapter, the La Bamba family is more committed than ever to be a part of your family’s joyous moments, offering not just food, but an experience that pays homage to Mexican heritage. Join us as we continue our journey, cherishing the old and embracing the new, always with the promise of impeccable service and a heartwarming Mexican feast that feels like home.